Why You Should Quickly Head To A Chiropractor After An Auto Injury

Automobile accidents can cause life-long, painful injuries. Not only can there be expensive physical damage to your car, but there can also be serious injuries to the precious cargo inside your car – you and your passengers.

In the chaos following an accident, it’s not unusual for those involved to imagine that they feel “just fine”. The adrenaline racing through your body masks pain very effectively. Sometimes days or even weeks later, pain sustained by injuries suffered can arise. Even when an automobile accident appears to be inconsequential pain can manifest its self in crippling ways. Much to your surprise, you may suddenly find yourself unable to work or play and your quality of life can become seriously restricted. It is for this reason that you should quickly head to a chiropractor after an automobile accident.

Time Is NOT Your Friend
In cases such as these, the passage of time can erode your rights to recover damages from the negligent driver. The tick-tock of passing time can be your worst enemy. In the heat of the moment, we rarely think about future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and the other cataclysmic impacts that may be visited upon you and your family as a result of someone else’s negligence. In order to protect yourself, it is essential that you visit a qualified chiropractor as soon as possible after your accident. Taking his step can assure that you have a professional evaluation of your physical condition. If you wait until the painful evidence develops, you may be too late.

Of course, we hope you’re well. Too often though, symptoms of whiplash, musculoskeletal trauma, or even internal injuries can develop after the fact. If you have not seen a chiropractor in a timely fashion or, worse, if you have been rushed into the settlement of your claim by an over-eager insurance adjustor, your right to recover these damages may already be gone.

Accidents happen. But we know that lives can be forever altered as a consequence of someone else’s negligence. Thankfully, our system of justice works to protect the injured, but it only works when you do your part. Protect yourself and your family. If you are involved in an automobile accident, get a chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible. Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic is your best bet if you’re in the Rochester area. And whatever else you do, don’t be badgered into a settlement of your claim before you know how seriously the quality of your entire life might be diminished.