Our approach

Whether you are looking to modify your diet to help with chronic illnesses or just looking to lose some extra pounds, Nutritional Counseling may be for you. Here at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic we approach nutrition from a whole foods perspective. This means instead of massive changes with unrealistic goals, we modify existing diets to meet goals gradually over time. Through education, proper food tracking, and the right support, all your nutrition goals can be reached.

What to expect

Your initial consultation will be a discussion of your current nutritional goals. Aside from weight loss, this could include issues in blood pressure, cholesterol, hormonal problems, or controlling Inflammatory Bowel Symptoms. An outline of a 2 month long program will be discussed, and we will set you up with our online tracking software. This program can be accessed online or downloaded as an app on your phone and will be an easy way to track food consumption. It can also be tracked by our team here in the office. Each week you will sit down with the provider with a report generated from the application. These discussions will be about explanations of gaps in your nutrition, how we can make modifications to fill those gaps, and develop a plan moving forward.

About the Nutritionist

Dr. Richard Amann has a Master's degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and is well versed in using nutritional counseling in order to help you attain your goals. Through diet modifications, meal planning, as well as supplementation when necessary, your health goals will be addressed. Supplements are supplied by Metagenics and Standard Process in order to provide the highest quality supplements on the market.