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"I came to Dr. Wong with lower back pain that I had been experiencing on and off for months. A comprehensive assessment was done that was used to address my concerns and create a treatment plan. A few weeks later and I’m feeling back to myself and my pain is nearly gone. Dr. Wong and his team are all very friendly!"

- Miranda, Google Review, January 2022

"Dr. Wong and his staff at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic are great. I went there barely able to walk after throwing my back out, and within a few short visits I was back to feeling myself again. It isn't your traditional "just get your back cracked" solution - Dr. Wong did a thorough assessment and tailored his care based on my needs. The few different techniques he used were just what I needed to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Wong and his practice to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care!"

- Jennifer, Google Review, January 2022

"A great experience everytime!!! When you enter the office you immediately feel warm and welcomed, the office is beautiful, bright and clean!! I am treated by Dr. Amann and he is FANTASTIC! He has been so helpful with fixing my problems and maintaining my comfort as I adjust to life as a new mom and using my back in a whole new way!! Although I've never been treated by Dr.Wong all of our interactions have been so positive and I have friends he treats and I am confident saying he is also a fantastic doctor!! A shout out to the window artist as well, with every season comes a beautiful new window painting and I give them a 5 star rating as well👍 You will not regret your choice in chiropractic care if you choose Rush Henrietta Family Chiropractic!!!"

- Bethanie, Google Review, November 2021

"I injured myself pretty good running and everyone kept telling me to go to a chiropractor. The idea of being snapped and cracked by someone I did not know terrified me, however I decided to take everyone’s advice and check this place out. Ive been seeing Dr. Richard Amann for a few weeks now and I seriously feel way better than when I started. I’m able to actually walk correctly again and he made my anxiety about being at the chiropractor go away. 10/10 recommend!!"

- Julie, Google Review, November 2021

"I have been going to Dr. Amann for a few months now for upper back and neck pain. The quick and easy 30 minute treatments really seem to make a difference and I no longer wake up with tight and sore muscles. I love the early morning hours so I can go in before work and I never have trouble getting an apointment when I need one. The axolotls in the waiting room are awesome too"

Maddy, Google Review, November 2021

"Dr. Richard Amann is amazing! I had such horrible back and neck pain, after a few visits I now feel great and have no problem being on my feet all day as a teacher! Highly recommend!!"

- Ashley, Google Review, November 2021

"Had severe lower back pain, was on the verge of surgery till I tried Dr. Amann at Rush Henrietta Family Chiropractic. No more pain! Highly recommend this practice"

- Allison, Google Review, November 2021

"The staff are very friendly, and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. You can tell that they really care, you know? Would highly recommend the center for chiropractic therapy!"

- Angelica, Google Review, September 2021

"I started seeing Dr. Wong a little bit ago. For the first time in 8 years I feel like I have some hope when I had none. For my neck issues. I have a bad neck and over the past eight years it has continuously gotten worse. Over the past five years extreme limited motion pretty much FROZEN. And when I did move it, a lot of pain in my head, arms, back, legs Etc Miserable daily. I was told the only hope for me with surgery and even at that I only had a fifty-fifty chance that would work. I reached out to several chiropractors none of them were willing to take on my case. I didn't give up. And I found doctor Wong. After only four visits for the first time in years I can start to move my neck. Not only can I move my neck, I can move it without excruciating pain. Even when I sleep. It is becoming un-frozen. I now have hope, I'm excited about this journey, I know it's going to be a journey and I'm okay with that. I have several chronic illnesses however, I'm dedicated to this process. I cannot think him and his staff enough for taking a chance on me. And if I may add Megan at the front desk is the kindest, sweetest person! Everybody here is very kind, professional and caring."

- Denise, Google Review, September 2021

"I've been a patient at this practice for quite some time and have always seen Dr Wong who is fantastic. I've recently seen Dr Amann and I have to say he's amazing also. They help with my poor posture, sciatica and TMJ. If you've ever had TMJ and the horrible headaches that you get from clenching your teeth go see them! I suffered for a long time seeing dentists, EMT's and it wasn't until I asked and received at their office instant pain relief. Megan is always happy to get you an appointment with a smile in her voice and a happy face to greet you when you come in. The office is clean and bright and they are always great to chat with."

 - Christine, Google Review, August 2021

"Dr. Wong has/is taking care of our family needs, and we couldn't be happier. Everything is explained and upfront from the start. On top of "getting our adjustments, we have plans to help us improve how our body feels. Glad we found Dr. Wong!"

- Tamara, Facebook Review, August 2021

"Dr. Wong’s office is an example of what medical service should be. Adjustments are done carefully, without excess force, after muscles have been warmed and loosened. I’ve seen great improvements in my posture, muscle tone, and pain levels since seeing the team. As an added benefit, everyone there is so welcoming and cares about your experience. They’re such kind, and caring people. Give them a try and you won’t be sorry!"

- Sarah, Google Review, July 2021

"I have been to a few other chiropractors and the initial evaluation and assessment I received from this practice was top notch. They listened to me, gave me feedback during my evaluation, and together we came up with a treatment plan. After that, the office manager came back into the room and went over the paperwork and gave detailed account of any cost associated with my care. Then, the doctor came back in and did the first treatment, and provided me with much relief. I was able to set up text reminders for my upcoming visits and the ability to pay on-line. The whole office gives off a friendly and happy vibe, makes you feel like they are there to help and not just for a paycheck."
- Melissa, Google Review, July 2021

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Wong for years. Always a professional, yet he helps you feel relaxed and comfortable for your treatments. Everyone in the office is super friendly, I asked if I could move in as I love it there so much! Treatments are a breeze and I always leave feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. I referred my mom who said “I love this man.” Me too, mom. Thank you for all you do here at Rush Henrietta Chiro, you are all appreciated!"

- Karen, Google Review, June 2021

"I can't say enough about this practice! After 2 weeks of limping and hurting through the pain of a sciatica flare up, my daughter said I have to see Dr. Wong. She was right, he is wonderful. Kind, highly skilled, 1000% professional, funny and caring. Everyone there is great!

I let it go too long, but after only 2 visits I was about 50% better. After 4 visits (and doing the at-home exercises) I can again walk without pain and even resume my daily (slow but sure) walks on the treadmill.

As a senior citizen (or Queenager, as I prefer), I work hard at staying as mobile as I can. I am beyond grateful for his help and highly recommend Rush Henrietta Family Chiropractic!"

- Vickie, Google Review, June 2021

"Great service, friendly, and caring."

- Gary, Google Review, June 2021

"Dr. Wong is great! He gave me my life back. I was referred to him because of the decompression chair. He took great deal in figuring out what is causing my pain and explaining to me what options and treatments would be best. Lets face it without Megan, who runs the place and is super friendly, Dr. Wong wouldn't have time to work his wonders. Highly Recommend."

- Daniel, Google Review, June 2021

"Great atmosphere and you feel great afterwards!"

- Dawn, Facebook Review, May 2021

"Never having received chiropractic services before, I was skeptical about what the experience would entail. However, upon a recommendation, I reached out to Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic to try and alleviate pain and discomfort in my lower back. I was able to quickly meet with Dr. Amann and after a brief examination started treatment. The treatment quickly and effectively solved my lower back problems to the point that I feel better than I have in a long time and can play with my little one without fear of aggravating my back. I cannot recommend their services highly enough."

- Ryan, Google Review, May 2021

"I had injured my shoulder and neck while working out at the gym. I went to my primary who thought it would be a good idea to see Dr Wong before the lengthy MRI and PT process because she felt he could pin point the problem and begin treatment right away. Well....she was 100% right. I went on-line and was able to get an appointment for 7am the next day. Dr Wong knew exactly what the problem was and started treatment right away. Within a week my neck pain was gone and my shoulder was feeling much better. After a week and a half the shoulder pain was pretty much gone. I recommended Dr Wong to my friends and I recommend him to you. The office is very friendly and Dr Wong is a very cool down to earth kinda guy. The office even has some pretty cool aquariums to check out while you are waiting."

- Rob, Google Review, February 2021

"Dr. Wong is amazing, took great deal in figuring out what is causing my pain and explaining to me what options and treatments would be best. In addition the entire staff is super friendly and has your safety and health in mind in everything they do! Highly Recommend."

- Joe, Google Review, February 2021

"Amazing treatment and customer service!"

- Ashley, Google Review, February 2021

"The staff at Rush Henrietta Family Chiropractic is fantastic. Dr. Wong does a great job evaluating the problem, explaining why the problem exists and how to fix it, and then using different techniques and tools to correct the problem. Personally, I had quite a bit of pain in my lower back which radiated down both of my legs. After four sessions the pain is almost completely gone."

- Michael, Google Review, September 2020

"Nice and clean office with caring staff. The diagnosis appeared accurate, adjustment thurgouh and I especially liked how the Dr. gave good exercises and stretches to help the adjustments hold better."

- Andrew, Google Review, September 2020

"They are flexible, friendly, knowledgeable. Overall a great experience. Feel much better only a few sessions in."

- Gina, Google Review, September 2020

"Really friendly and professional staff! Dr. Wong was really helpful, patient, and knowledgeable with helping me fix my issues. After 4 visits, I’m happy to say that I no longer wake up with neck and back pains!"

- Ki, Google Review, October 2020

"Dr. Wong has been so helpful to me this past summer! I threw my back out in July and he was able to see me immediately and set up some follow-up appointments. He has made a world of difference for me!"

- Briar Rose, Google Review, October 2020

"After months of physical therapy that was only marginally helpful, Dr. Wong had me feeling so much better in just a few short weeks!"

- Sharon, Google Review, November 2020

"Tonight was my first visit with Dr. Wong. He is so knowledgeable and professional, and took his time to evaluate my condition and explain things to me, including my treatment plan. My visit & treatment went very well. His office assistant, Megan, was also so helpful & pleasant on the phone & in person. They seem very organized, and make you feel welcome being there. I highly recommend this office!!"

- Jennifer, Google Review, November 2020

"Accurate diagnosis of problem and spot-on treatment."

- Julie, Google Review, November 2020