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In the Northeast, summer is a precious time of year. Known for our long winters and seasonal changes, Summer weather can vary greatly. That's one of the reasons so many people in the greater Rochester area travel outside our region for vacations. A change of scenery, seeing friends and family and an opportunity to do some things we enjoy are all great reasons to travel.

For some people though, traveling can raise physical challenges.

If flying is part of your travel schedule, the close-quarters of air travel can be rough! Seating sometime feels "tight" and let's be honest, that "reclined" position in most seats isn't all that reclined. Our advice: Take a good long walk in the airport BEFORE boarding. Don't sit around waiting to get on the plane. Walk, stretch and roll your shoulders. These will allow you to exert some energy so your back can more readily accept the position and duration of the plane ride. By the way, if you have a layover, get up and walk around, even if you don't have to change aircraft.

Ah, the hotel bed and pillows... Too soft, Too firm, Too bad. This is what you have to seal with for your stay. Our suggestion: Bring your own pillow from home (assuming you LIKE that pillow). I know, You'll have to sacrifice and entire suitcase. However, if your stay is more than a night or two, you'll be so glad you did. Not only does it already "fit you", but the support it affords means that other pillows the hotel can and will provide can be used to support your knees. If you're a back-sleeper, a pillow under your knees can relieve a lot of back stress. If you're a side sleeper, a pillow between your knees can do the same. For more info on sleeping positions, look here.

Physical Activities
Running, climbing, dancing, swimming and water skiing. Isn't that what you went on vacation to do after all? Well yes! But all of those are (or can be) strenuous physical activities. If you're not conditioned to do them all, approach this part of your vacation with a little caution. You SHOULD have fun and do something new you'll enjoy. Just be certain your back and the rest of your body, is ready for it. Conditioning, stretching and being aware of what you can do is an important part of having a good time. While your friends will be interested to hear the stories and see your pictures, you may not want to recount how you ended up in the emergency room with extreme tendonitis.

At Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, we take great pride in serving clients of all ages from all over Rochester, New York. We'd be happy to help you reach your peak for physical health, naturally.