Bowling is usually a fun family outing that can be a fairly leisurely activity. For others, bowling can be extremely serious and competitive! While someone more serious may want that competitive edge, the leisure bowler can also benefit from increasing their shoulder mobility and core strength.

By improving your shoulder mobility, you will achieve a smoother range of motion and allow you to swing the ball with the maximum amount of pendular force. This will allow for your ball to travel at a higher velocity and get that satisfying explosion of pins at the end of the lane!

A strong core may be the most important factor in having a healthy back. A strong core allows for more stabilization of the lumbar spine which leads to more body control. The extra body control helps you be more accurate with your movements and in theory, the ball trajectory. The core also aids in the transfer of energy from your legs through your torso and into your arm to throw the ball down the lane with more force. 

Of course the improved performance is theoretical. It takes a lot of practice to be a good bowler! Check out our YouTube page for the videos of simple exercises you can use to strengthen your core and improve your shoulder mobility. Here at your favorite Rochester chiropractor, Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, we have the tools to improve your mobility and strength!

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