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What does a first-time chiropractic visit look like? What will I need? What if I don’t have insurance? There are often a lot of questions patients have when calling to set up their first appointment. This blog will be your “how to,” your “guide into the unknown,” your “chiropractic map” if you will, to what chiropractic care looks like from the outside looking in. We can’t speak on behalf of all chiropractic offices, but here is what you’ll experience as a patient at our office.

First Steps

Once you’ve decided to visit a chiropractor, you can call your 2019 Rochester’s Choice Gold Winner, Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, to schedule your first appointment. Prior to your visit, you will typically be asked to fill out a patient history form and a survey of any symptoms you’re having that lead you to your visit. On these forms, you will be asked to describe when your symptoms/pain started, where it’s located, and what you are able or unable to do due to the pain.

Filling out these forms gives your Rochester Chiropractor a better understanding of your pain level, and can help them make a more informed decision about your treatment. It’s helpful to bring your insurance card, license, as well as any copies of previous medical exams you’ve had done (MRIs, X-rays, blood work, etc.).

At the Office – Your New Patient Appointment 

New patient appointments typically take an hour to complete, as the chiropractor will take the time to review your medical history, take note of any symptoms you have, and conduct a series of physical tests to observe how your body is functioning with your symptoms. These tests often measure your range of motion, muscle strength, analysis of your posture, and joint stability.

After completing these tests, the chiropractor will sit down and review the outcomes of the tests, explaining what your diagnosis is, and what steps will come next. Your voice is important during your appointment, and during this time you will have an opportunity to ask questions about the chiropractor’s assessments and opinion about treatment. The chiropractor will often recommend exercises you can do to enhance your progress.

Talking Insurance, Cost, and Consent

Once receiving a diagnosis, at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, our team will review what your insurance does or doesn’t cover, and evaluate the price of each visit as a part of your treatment plan. Our team is experienced at working with insurances and workers comp situations in Rochester, NY and can help explain any costs you will be charged as a patient. During this review, patients will often be asked to sign a consent form, giving the chiropractor consent to treat them under their care to the treatment plan they created. It’s important that there is communication happening between health care professionals when it comes to your health – at this time, you’ll be asked to list any doctors or relations that you would like to have access to your records at the office, as our team will reach out with updates about your care.


Most chiropractors will adjust patients during their new patient visit, explaining their technique and maneuvers along the way. Depending on your needs, a Rochester chiropractor might recommend the use of other therapies or methods of treatment that will complement the chiropractic adjustment you receive. Before saying your goodbyes to your Rochester chiropractor, they will often review what exercises you can do to improve mobility of the affected area – demonstrating them if preferred.

Checking Out

You are more ready to take on the world now! Most patients feel a great sense of relief after their first chiropractic visit, sometimes feeling soreness later in the day. Upon checking out, our team at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic will take payment for the visit, and help you schedule your follow up appointments based on your individualized treatment plan.

Our goal is to provide the care that will promote your return to balance and health. Feel free to contact us at 585-321-3200 or via our website, we’d love to partner with you to find relief through chiropractic care.


Article Written By: Amanda DiBenedetto