chiropractor in Rochester

After visiting our office for back pain, typically patients will leave with a list of exercises and stretches to perform between visits.

"But if I am feeling better, why would I have to do extra at home?" - is a common question that we get in the office from our patients.

While chiropractic treatment helps get a patient through the acute phase of injury, the end goal is to transition into a rehabilitative phase. The exercises and stretches become the main factor for pain prevention which reduces the reliance on in-office care. These exercises and stretches are specifically picked for each individual's area of complaint.

Today we will get into a little more detail on one common complaint in particular - the low back. Low back pain is one of the more common areas of complaint that comes into our office. A common mechanism of injury is lifting something heavy incorrectly. In Rochester, they were probably shoveling heavy snow. No matter how they hurt themselves, these patients usually all have something in common: weak core muscles.

But what does core have to do with my low back? Your core and low back work as a team when lifting. If the core is not strong, or not activating properly, you rely only on your low back for support. All of the stress shifts to the discs and small ligaments in the spine. The damage to these structures from the strain of lifting will take time to heal. Chiropractic can help reduce pain and regain mobility while speeding up the healing process. While chiropractic care is great for this type of injury, the rehabilitative exercises and stretches complement the treatments given.

Strengthening the core helps give relief to the damaged structures in the low back, giving them a chance to heal. Further strengthening and stretching will prevent more damage and stop the pain from returning. There are many core exercises to choose from - when you come in for your visit, we will prescribe the exercises that best fit you and your individual case.

Here at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, your Rochester aera chiropractor, we implement exercises and stretches into every treatment plan. After your first treatment, these are sent in an email with video instructions. Our end goal is to get you out of pain and reduce the reliance on weekly treatments. If aches and pains are preventing you from doing what you enjoy, give us a call or go online to schedule an appointment!