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With the prevalence of heart disease, many Americans, especially those in Rochester, NY, are taking one or more drugs to prevent or to manage condition. While prescription drugs are effective at treating conditions, they can interfere with our bodies in different ways. One of the ways that they may interfere is by depleting vital vitamins and minerals. In this article we discuss some of the common heart drugs being prescribed, along with the nutrients they tend to deplete.

Diuretics: These medications will lower blood pressure by effecting sodium reabsorption in the kidneys. Calcium will follow along with sodium and can be diminished. Calcium supplementation has been shown to affect the medications effectiveness so it will be important to discuss this with the prescribing doctor.

Aspirin: A common prescription for aspirin is given to those who have coronary artery disease or individuals who have had a heart attack. Aspirin has been found to reduce absorption of Vitamin C. Studies have shown Vitamin C levels will not drop if supplementation is included with the daily dose of aspirin.

ACE Inhibitors: These drugs are common for those who have congestive heart failure. These help improve blood flow and decrease blood pressure, relieving an overworked heart. In the body the drug will attach to Zinc, preventing the mineral from being used for normal functions. Supplementation of zinc while on these drugs may help prevent common side effects such as poor appetite and numbness/tingling.

Never make changes to your medications without first consulting your doctor. If you are interested in discussing how your medications may be affecting your vitamins and mineral levels, your Rochester chiropractor, Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic is here to help! Schedule a free consultation with our nutritionist to discuss your concerns!

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