Inversion ankle sprains are the most common sports-related injuries. Approximately 20% of physically active patients will sustain an inversion ankle sprain at some point. The condition is so common but interestingly only 50% of people who sustain the injury actually seek treatment. 

As alluded to earlier, most people are familiar with inversion ankle sprains. Someone you know, or maybe even yourself, have probably gotten a “rolled ankle” or two in their lives. Most ankle sprains occur when landing after a jump, stepping on someone’s foot, or stepping in a hole. Patients may report a “pop” at the time of the injury followed by mild aching to intense pain that is exacerbated when weight bearing. 

After the injury, it is common to see swelling and bruising on the outside of the ankle. If the swelling and bruising comes on quickly and severely, then there may be a ruptured ligament. In severe cases, there may be a fracture of the ankle or foot. X-rays of this region may not show a fracture immediately as the swelling around the ankle would hide the fracture.   

The most accepted treatment for an ankle sprain is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Newer data suggests that mild, moderate sprains may benefit more from MEAT (Movement, Exercise, Analgesics, Treatment). Treatment may include joint mobilization, therapeutic ultrasound, soft tissue manipulation, kinesiotaping, and therapeutic exercise. For more severe sprains or if there is ligament rupture, immobilization may be required. 

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