The conversation surrounding Thanksgiving tends to be its effect on your waistline. With the holiday around the corner, many people in the Rochester, NY area may be stressed at the idea of over indulging. This is an overreaction to what should be a relaxing holiday. Saying “my diet is ruined by eating one meal” is like throwing a glass of water into the ocean and saying it’s flooded. One meal doesn’t ruin everything. The problem most people are facing is guilt. So let’s talk about why you shouldn’t feel guilty this holiday season.

The centerpiece of Thanksgiving meals is the turkey and turkey meat is a fantastic lean protein source. White turkey meat is in fact so lean that a typical portion size will give you 27 grams of protein with virtually no fat. Dark meat does contain more fat but even large portions won't reach your recommended daily allowance. Something else to remember is that turkey meat is an excellent source of essential amino acids.

Aside from the turkey, take a look around at the rest of the table: corn, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole. All of these are vegetables and they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Even when foods are covered in mashed potatoes and gravy, the good stuff is still present. Sometimes we have to remember that it’s not about what you avoid, but what you are eating in the whole meal.

Something to always keep in mind is that you control the portion sizes at all times. You are in control of your plate and can dictate how much of each part of the meal goes on. Even desserts, which will typically come in pre-portioned pieces. Don’t be scared to take a knife and cut yourself a different size. You are free to decide how much pie you want. Remember, it is a holiday and if you want to go all out then go all out. As we said at the beginning, one day is not going to ruin everything. Sometimes relaxing and enjoying yourself is something your mental health needs.

Thanksgiving should be a day spent relaxing with family or friends and not spent worrying. If the thought of the meal still brings on anxiety the problem may be with your relationship with food. Our nutritionist here at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic helps individuals that suffer from food guilt. Through education and planning, we help you take control of your nutrition which helps alleviate feeling guilty from one meal. Schedule your free consultation today!