Elbow pain can be very frustrating as it usually happens on the dominant arm and can hinder your normal daily activities. It can make it hard for you to perform your job, play your sport, play with your kids, or even something as simple as brushing your hair or eating your cereal in the morning. Many people in Rochester, NY suffer from elbow pain and most don’t even know that chiropractic care can help! 

Lateral Epicondylopathy, aka Tennis elbow, is a very common condition. Despite the common name, this condition doesn’t actually have to be caused by playing tennis! Anybody who performs repeated wrist extension is at risk for developing lateral epicondylopathy: carpenters, pianists, drummers, keyboard/mouse users, and even those who shake hands excessively! 

Another common elbow condition is Medial Epicondylopathy, aka Golfer’s Elbow. In golfers, it is most commonly caused by repetitive pronation/flexion which occurs at the top of the back swing until ball impact. These symptoms can also be found in baseball players as this area of the elbow is at the highest risk during the acceleration phase of throwing. This condition isn’t exclusive to sports; occupations such as carpentry also see a high incidence of Medial Epicondylopathy from repetitive movements. 

Using a strap to brace below the elbow has proven to be effective in younger patients. Manipulation of the spine, elbow, and wrist has proven to be more effective than bracing alone. Our office in Rochester, NY is well equipped to treat elbow conditions so if you are experiencing elbow pain and are tired of nothing helping, give us a call so we can get you back to doing the things you love!