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Even after our childhood years have long passed, our cravings for sweets, processed sugars and fizzy drinks can still plague our diet. In fact, popular scientific literature has illustrated the average person's addiction to sweets and unhealthy foods. According to the data, the many individuals within the United States consume 80-grams of processed sugar within their daily meals. Even if your sweet tooth doesn’t control your dietary choices, it's important to know just how destructive junk food and a bad diet can influence and control your internal system.

Spinal Health and Regulation

Did you know the meals you consume can have great affect on how your skeletal system operates in daily demands? Even small situations like bending down to pick up a toddler, moving your trash-can and tying your shoes can become painful if your food choices are not in order. The reason this occurs is through a process referred to as inflammation. Inflammation can occur in specific parts of the body, most commonly in the lower back, and it can cause a great deal of pain in anyone's life. Excessive sugar consumption causes the system to release an inflammatory messenger to the brain called Cytokines. These messengers, while useful in certain bodily functions such as hormone regulation, can cause a great deal of unwanted tension, pressure and tenderness in the lower back and spinal column.

But the stress doesn't stop there! Junk food can be directly linked to common issues such as joint pain and stiffness in both the lower and upper extremities. A popular article released by WebMD illustrates how our body weight and food choices influences our overall well being and the discomfort we experience. Although many people associated their chronic pain and fatigue to a demanding schedule, the culprit may lie on their dinner plate!

Eating Made Simple
Let's face it, after a long day in the office, running numerous errands and chasing the kids around the house, you may feel drained. At that point, that plate of brownies may look very tempting. Remember that the best “diet” is one that you can maintain. So consider approaching your eating habits and weight management journey through a practical approach.

As a rule of thumb, we need to ensure that our meals have green, leafy vegetables, an assortment of fruit and a lean protein source to facilitate lean muscle tissue and cellular repair. In combination with this, we need to take inventory of how much glucose we're taking into our body within a 24-hour time frame. According to Health Line, our sugar intake should never exceed 40-grams throughout the day. Although this meal template may seem simplistic in nature, it can allow us to lead an active, energetic and pain-free lifestyle for years to come.

Even Under the Best Circumstances

While a good diet and routine exercise will help maintain weight, health and stamina even a rock-star athlete can suffer fatigue. Whether your diet and weight are causing issues or your exercise regimen is aggressive, there’s a good chance your body will suffer strains. Chiropractic care is used by numerous people around the world to promote your body’s own ability to heal, naturally. At Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, we’d be happy to help you take a good look at how Chiropractic care can become a cornerstone in your health care regimen. We can be reached at 585-321-3200.