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Occasionally children will begin to complain of a pain they are experiencing that can’t be explained. There was no fall or bump, but they are having a very real achy type of pain. Growing pains have been the medical definition for this condition for many years. To this day there is still a great debate as to the cause of these pains, as well as debate on the best way to treat them. Many people will come to see a chiropractor in Rochester to help their child get relief. Let’s talk about growing pains, some of the causes being attributed to the pain, and how chiropractic can be a helpful tool.

The term growing pains implies that the physical act of bones growing may become painful. There is little to no evidence to suggest that this is the case. A child experiencing growing pains will have a clean x-ray and normal blood work. “Growing pains” has become something called a diagnosis of exclusion, which means there is no other diagnosis that explains the pain but they need to give some diagnosis. There are a few theories to explain why growing pains may be occurring. One explanation is that the growth rate of the bones has surpassed the growth rate of the muscles and tendons. The imbalance can cause minor muscle injuries or muscle spasms to occur.

Many chiropractors in Rochester suggest that improper joint mechanics may be the root cause of the pain associated with growing pains. If bones are growing at a faster rate than the muscles and ligaments, the resulting muscle spasms may be locking up joints and preventing proper biomechanics. Awkward walking or poor posture due to these tight muscles and joints will result in the child experiencing these “growing pains”. Adjustments to the affected joints help improve movement and restore biomechanics which will reduce the pain.

If your child is experiencing growing pains, schedule an appointment at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic. Your Rochester chiropractor will perform a full examination to determine if the root of the problem is coming from joint restrictions in the legs, hips, or the spine itself. Our office is also fully equipped to do a full posture screening and check for scoliosis. Give us a call today to help your child live pain-free.