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People who suffer from chronic headaches who have tried many different medical interventions may have given up on ever getting relief. It is possible that the headache may be coming from their neck. Cervicogenic headaches are a specific type of headache and can be treated by a Rochester chiropractor. Let’s talk about what a cervicogenic headache is, how it’s similar/different from other headaches, and how chiropractic is the best tool for treating this condition.

A cervicogenic headache is not your typical headache. The pain from these types of headaches is actually pain being perceived in the head but really is occurring in another part of the body. This phenomenon is something called referred pain and can happen in many different parts of the body besides your head. Cervicogenic headaches are usually caused by disorders in either the cervical (upper neck) or occipital (back of the head) regions.

It is not unusual for a cervicogenic headache to be mistaken for a migraine or tension headache. Many of the usual headache symptoms, such as tightening pain in the head, lightheadedness, fatigue, and irritability, are all possible presentations with each kind of headache. The cause of the pain is what is different from cervicogenic headaches. Unlike in a typical vascular headache where blood flow is inhibited resulting in symptoms, the physical position of the neck can cause muscles and joints to tighten up resulting in the headache. These headaches often present with typical headache symptoms (head pain, strained eyesight, light, and noise sensitivity) as well as reduced range of motion in the neck.

Chiropractors treat these headaches through muscle work, cervical manipulation, and prescribing appropriate stretches/exercises. Chiropractic care for headaches is very safe as long as the appropriate examination has been done to identify the type of headache that is present. If you are unsure of the cause of your headaches, be sure to get your headache diagnosed by a chiropractor or other medical professional. As we said earlier, migraines and other vascular problems also cause similar pains to cervicogenic headaches and appropriate tests need to be done to rule those causes out.

If you suffer from headaches that have not been successfully treated with prescription drugs, give us a call at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic. The chiropractor in Rochester will be able to diagnose any musculoskeletal causes of your headache and provide you with the appropriate treatment to get you relief. Give us a call and get out of pain today.