Many people like to get in the water to combat that Rochester summer heat. Whether you are in a small pool in the backyard, or an in-ground pool, or even a lake or ocean, having good mobility greatly improves your ability to swim in the water. Specifically, you want to have full range of motion in your thoracic spine and shoulders to swim optimally!

Having a rounded thoracic spine, or a hunched back, decreases the amount of movement of the shoulder blades which in turn decreases the amount of overhead movement your shoulders will have. A lack of thoracic rotation also forces your shoulders to work harder to reach forward to pull the water. Having a lack of mobility in your thoracic spine in rotation or extension causes your shoulders to overwork as they strain in an attempt to go through the range of motion of the swim stroke.

As alluded to above, shoulder mobility is extremely important in your swimming ability. If you lack the range of motion in your shoulder to fully extend and rotate, you have less power generating ability in your stroke. 

Chiropractic care provided here at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, headquartered in Rochester, NY, will aid you in improving your spine and shoulder range of motion as well as strengthen the muscles supporting those joints. The combination of mobility and strength can elevate your swimming ability to another level! Even if you just like to float and relax in the pool, having the ability to turn on the swimming skills can come in handy!

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Ryan Wong

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