As any new parent would be able to tell you, caring for a baby is not an easy task. Back pain is very common in new parents as they get used to the work that it takes to constantly tend to a newborn. New mothers, whose backs have been under stress for the past 9 months, are particularly vulnerable to back pain after delivery. Taller parents are also susceptible as they have to bend further down to pick the baby up.

One of the biggest challenges to being a new parent is meeting the baby’s constant need to be held and carried. Take into account that the baby weighs as much as a large sack of flour with arms and legs that won’t stop wiggling, which can certainly take a toll on mom and dad’s backs!

Let’s go over some simple tips that can be implemented to help save the backs of new moms and dads!


While most people know to lift with the legs and not their back, it’s oftentimes forgotten when it comes to picking up your child. If you were to ask your Rochester chiropractor, you will learn that you should: 

  1. Engage your core
  2. Bend with your knees and hips
  3. Keep your back straight 
  4. Hold the baby close to you to maintain your center of gravity
  5. Straighten up with your legs 


When feeding your baby, try to find a seat that has sufficient back support to allow you to sit up nice and straight. Bring the baby up and closer to you, having a pillow or two under your arm can help prop the baby higher and lessen strain on the shoulder.


Avoid overreaching with the baby when placing them in the car seat. Instead, sit next to the car seat with your baby in your lap and rotate your whole body to place them in the seat. 

Carseat Bonus

When carrying the carseat, don’t just pick it up by the handle! While it seems intuitive, it forces you to lean to the side and can wreak havoc on your back. Instead, loop your arm under the handle and grab the side with your hand! 

Try utilizing these tips in your daily baby caring routine! It can make all the difference and your back will be happy you did it. Of course, don’t forget to see your Rochester chiropractor to get those new parent aches and pains taken care of! 

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