chiropractor in Rochester

One of our primary goals for all of our Rochester, New York chiropractic patients is to provide the best musculoskeletal health possible. And, while weekly treatment times allow for us to listen and “treat”, the bulk of the time relies on our patients in Rochester to follow through.

Part of our time is spent counseling patients how to avoid injury as well as promote excellent health. Keeping a healthy back and spine is a huge benefit to you! Below are 5 of the most common problems and behaviors we suggest.

What types of behaviors?

  1. Pay attention to posture. When you walk, stand, or sit with poor posture, you’re not only fatiguing your muscles as they work to keep you upright, but you may also limit your future mobility. Through consistent& habitual poor posture, your discs and joints can become misaligned. One simple way to break this habit is to put a sticky note someplace where you will see it often, reminding you to sit up straight.
  2. Take your vitamins. Specific vitamins and minerals can help improve the strength and stability of your spine. These include vitamin D and calcium, the two nutrients that Harvard Medical School calls the “keys to strong bones.”
  3. Drink enough water. On average, when you were born, your spinal discs were comprised of 80 percent water. This enables them to function properly. Therefore, in order to keep them operating at their peak, you want to make sure you drink enough water. A healthy, well-hydrated body recovers from fatigue more rapidly. In Rochester, we have these conversations all year round. From the drying effects of winter winds and the humid (and sometimes) sweaty summers. Its easy to become dehydrated without noticing in the greater Rochester area.
  4. Stay active. If you tend to spend a lot of time sitting, you may notice the effects in your back due to the inactivity. Of course, the way to remedy this is to simply get more physical activity. Even if it’s not a standard exercise program, anything you can do to move around more can help.
  5. Let go of your ego. Sometimes it’s easier to just do things yourself versus asking for help. However, if you lift things that are too heavy or awkward for you, then you risk injuring your back. This can potentially set you up for massive problems both immediately and later in life. Ask for help when you need it. Being realistic about what you can (and should) do by yourself can mean the difference between a healthy spine and back pain for years to come.

All of these things, in addition to regular chiropractic treatments in Rochester, can help you improve the health of your back. If you want more ideas, just ask us the next time you’re in our office! We’d love to help you get and stay back pain-free! Our office can be reached at 585-321-3200.