This month we have been outlining the Max Relief Bundle at your Rochester chiropractor, Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic.

So far, we have gone into detail about Class IV Laser Therapy, electrical muscle stimulation/heat, and spinal manipulation. Next up is kinesiology taping! You may have seen athletes with tape on their bodies - whether it’s a shoulder or elbow or knee - at professional and amateur levels. That’s kinesiology tape!

What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is defined as the study of physical activity and human body movement. It also studies how physical activity affects health, quality of life, and how it impacts society as a whole.

The human body craves balance; unhealthy and overstressed muscles end up unbalanced and weak. Kinesiology tape helps to activate underactive muscles and helps to provide support to the region at the same time.

How Does the Kinesiology Tape Work?

After relaxing the muscles and mobilizing the joints in the previous step of the Max Relief Bundle, we apply the kinesiology tape to the region to help activate and support those muscles.

The tape itself is a flexible, breathable, and stretchable material - perfect for people at any activity level.

Unlike other kinds of tape, kinesiology tape doesn’t restrict movement of the area and allows for full and complete range of motion. The tape is durable through water and sweat and can stay on anywhere between 3-5 days!

When applied, the tape facilitates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which helps to flush out waste and inflammation. Since the tape can stay on for several days, this effect continues even after you leave your appointment!

Tape can be applied to pretty much any area of the body and for most physical ailments. Some people like to use it to help heal from an injury, or recover from a workout, or even to get a competitive edge in athletic competitions!

For those who love kinesiology tape, your Rochester chiropractor, Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, also sells it by the roll so that you can apply it yourself in between visits. Each roll comes with an instruction booklet for how to tape common areas but never hesitate to ask if you want help figuring out how to tape your specific problem! 

So by now, we have gone over Class IV Laser Therapy, electrical muscle stimulation/heat, spinal manipulation, and kinesiology taping. Next week, we will go over the last stage of the Max Relief Bundle - spinal decompression! Stay tuned!

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