As we get closer to having nice weather here in Rochester, NY, you may be thinking about exercising outside soon. Running is a great full body workout that is even better when you do it outside in the fresh air and sunshine! While it may be tempting to bust out the door and just start running when the sun is shining, it is important to take a few steps to prepare first.

One vitally important piece of equipment you will need is good supportive running shoes (there is an argument for barefoot running out there that we will talk about another time). Having sturdy running shoes with strong arch support will help to keep the foot supported and in the optimal position while running to prevent injury. Depending on what kind of surface you’re running on, pavement, dirt trails, track, treadmill, etc, you may want to change the kind of shoe you are wearing to accommodate for the surface! 

At our Rochester office, we offer Foot Leveler’s shoe orthotics that are custom made for your foot. These orthotics help to provide support to your foot and ankle in all situations. We even offer a lightweight orthotic specific for your running shoes!

Another extremely important piece to the puzzle is warming up properly before jumping right into the run. A proper warmup helps to bring blood supply to the muscles that you will be using so that they are ready to be active. It is important that you don’t stretch before you run because static stretching cold muscles can actually cause more harm than good! Stretching after your run is a perfect way to cool down! 

A few good warmup exercises for your run:

- Jumping jacks

- Forward jacks

- Mountain climbers

- Walking! 

By following these simple tips you can get yourself ready for a run outside! Having good supportive footwear, warming up properly before, and stretching after, you are set up for success! Don’t forget to stay hydrated too! If you are still experiencing pains while running, give our office a call for a consultation. Our office is equipped to get your body prepared to run effectively and without pain!