Gardening is a calm, relaxing, and fun activity that many people enjoy when the weather is nice. However, if you were to ask your chiropractor in Rochester, NY, it is also a common source of back pain, especially if you spend long periods of time in the garden or if you have existing back issues. Let’s go over some simple ways to avoid or at least minimize back pain from gardening!

Warm up! - Make sure you warm up your muscles before jumping into it. Gardening can be just like any other workout and if you don’t sufficiently warm up your muscles, you can easily strain them. Try taking a brisk walk for a few minutes to get some blood flowing. A simple stretch you can try for the lower back is a knee to chest stretch where you lay on your back and bring your knees up towards your chest. 

When lifting, whether it’s bags of mulch or heavy pots, or plants/bushes, make sure you lift properly; squat down and grab the object close to your body and straighten out your legs to stand up while engaging your core. Your Rochester chiropractor can tell you the number of patients that are seen in the office when gardening season starts from people not lifting correctly! If possible, use a wagon, wheelbarrow, or dolly to move heavy objects. 

Weeding can be a long tedious task, the seasoned gardener knows that you can’t just rip the weed out - you have to get the roots. This forces you to be up close and personal with your soil. If you are forced to be on your hands and knees or bent over to weed, make sure to take frequent breaks and make sure to hydrate! If possible, use a specialized weeding tool that has a long handle that allows you to do the work while standing. 

Here at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, your Rochester chiropractor, we see gardening injuries constantly. Whether you barely have a green thumb or if you are a professional landscaper, sometimes getting back pain while gardening is inevitable. At our office we will get you back on your feet so you can garden pain free! 

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