Grocery shopping is a chore that all of us do regularly. Grocery shopping is also a very common mechanism of injury for shoulder and low back pain. While in the grocery store, there are some simple modifications that you can implement to avoid injuries. 

First off, if you are getting more than a couple items, make sure to grab a shopping cart. Trying to juggle a bunch of heavy items in your bare hands or in a carry basket can strain your shoulders or low back and is easily avoided by simply getting a cart! 

Next, try not to slouch over while you’re shopping; this can put unnecessary strain on your lower back. However, if you already have lower back and leg pains that seem to only improve when you slouch over on to the shopping cart, let us know - you may have a specific condition of the lower spine!

Finally, you want to lift items that are ground level using your legs rather than your back. You may think of lifting properly when you are lifting heavy items or furniture but don’t forget to apply those lifting mechanics to the grocery store! Lifting with your legs saves your back from unnecessary strain and prevents you from injuring yourself. 

Taking the groceries out of the car and into your house can also pose some risks. Nobody wants to take multiple trips in and out of the house to bring the groceries in; most people opt to take as many bags as their arms can carry and haul it all in at once. While it may be efficient, it could also injure your shoulders and low back as you try to carry everything in at once. We urge you to save your body, and your fingers, by asking for help to bring the groceries in or simply take the extra trip! Follow our social media pages and our blog for more every day tips and tricks like this!

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