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Have you noticed that your body becomes more frigid and immobile after sleeping, sitting or resting for an extended period of time? If you're like most of us, your body begins to ache, creak and move sluggishly after you wake up, even from a refreshing sleep. Why do you think this occurs? Is it merely a symptom of old age and our body taking a beating from the trials and tribulations of life, or is there a deeper component? If you're suffering in silence with chronic ailments like back pain, general soreness and fragility, keep reading!

Muscle Stiffness: Why It Occurs and How to Prevent It
Pain when sitting and general muscle stiffness can be experienced when we remain immobile for an extended period of time. For those readers that may work in a cubicle or office environment, do you notice how hard it is to move with fluidity after a forty-hour work week? Most often this is a direct side effect of inadequate blood flow and inefficient circulation to the lower extremities and back. This stiffness is an early warning.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, pain when sitting and general discomfort in the lower back is responsible for millions of individuals missing work and important events. In fact, over 264-million days of work were missed within a year on account of discomfort -- amazing!

Have No Fear; Relief Is Here!
Reading statistics like this can be alarming, but the facts are simple: Pain in the back and lower extremities can often be alleviated with a mixture of chiropractic techniques and lifestyle changes. The thing to know about our approach is that our philosophy stems from mobilizing the spinal column. In a sense, pain, weakness and discomfort can be greatly alleviated when we manipulate the spine into proper alignment. When you choose Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic, we’ll engage and respond with advice and Professional Chiropractic care after diagnosing and treating any pre-existing conditions. Our goal is to provide you with much-needed relief and care.

Spinal manipulation improves blood flow and circulation to the muscles that make up the lower back and core. These muscles -- located above the buttocks (erector) and a in the abdomen -- are directly correlated to stability and fluidity of motion. When these areas have a healthy blood flow, The body can commonly recover and repair its self, naturally. The majority of cases we see and treat have their origins rooted in a weak back and impaired circulation.

Is Chiropractic Care for You?
If you're tired of dealing with constant pain and weakness in your lower back, consider our services at Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic. We will work with you and many insurance companies. Our focus on alleviating discomfort and mobility is addressed with the best technology available. Contact us at 585-321-3200.