chiropractor in Rochester

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in America and Rochester, NY is no different. While extremely common, this type of pain can be very difficult to manage. Consulting a Rochester-based chiropractor to help alleviate pain has many benefits. One of the primary benefits (in my own opinion) is not requiring surgery or prescription pain medication. These are a couple of the reasons so many people of all ages opt for this type of treatment.


What Is A Chiropractor?
Chiropractic care is an effective way to help with many spinal and pain management issues. By hiring a trained professional, pain management may not require potentially addictive pain medication. Chiropractors focus on diagnosing and healing neuromuscular disorders. By manually adjusting the vertebrae and numerous other joints, these health care professionals can reduce pain as well as improve the functionality of day to day living.

By paying close attention to the nervous system and spine, chiropractors can essentially restore the structural alignment. Reducing pressure from the neurological tissue can ease pain and create a wider range of mobility.


What Is Chiropractic Adjustment?
This particular procedure involves manual manipulation of the spine and joints within the body. Your Chiropractor is a fully trained doctor who uses their hands and other tools to correct musculoskeletal alignment to various joints. By using tried and tested techniques, your Rochester-based Chiropractor can improve range-of-motion, restore overall physical functionality and reduce and eliminate pain in many cases.

Many people who experience lower back pain, headaches and neck pain opt for this type of treatment. Some arrive at our clinic after “trying everything else.” Most new-comers to chiropractic care are pleasantly surprised at how rapidly they can improve as we work together. Almost all at very happy to learn that we do not dispense pain medication. Rather, by using a natural chiropractic adjustment, pain can dissipate in a matter of days.


What Does A Session Look Like?
An initial consultation should involve participation from both the chiropractor and patient. During the first visit, a chiropractor will ask about any prior health conditions and family medical history. Preparation prior to the initial visit is not needed, however a physical exam may be conducted. The main purpose of this examination is to look at the structure of your spine. In addition to a regular physical exam, the chiropractor may perform other tests. X-rays are another common test to check for any spinal abnormalities.

This exam and interview is extremely important. During a new patient session, the patient arrived complaining of knee and lower leg pain. After a few exploratory questions, I elected to perform an x-ray. The x-ray revealed a broken bone! In this case we encouraged the patient (who was still able to walk and drive) seek medical assistance at once!


How Soon Can I Expect Results?
Most people find maximum improvement between six and ten visits. Although many insurance companies provide coverage, checking the amount of allotted visits may be important. It is normal to feel a little sore after a session, but pain is minor.


Spinal and other joint issues can impact the body in many ways. While back pain can be an obvious sign of spinal dysfunction, headaches and neck pain can also occur. For natural pain management that can heal as well as soothe symptoms, finding the right chiropractic care may be essential to your health. Whether manual manipulation of the spine is used or not, talking to a trained medical professional can help when choosing the right treatment. Our goal is to provide our patients in Rochester New York the very best care that will promote their return to balance and health. Feel free to contact us at 585-321-3200 or via our website.