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A Chiropractic Doctor is a healthcare professional who focus on treatment of the spine and overall skeletal functions of the human body. A Chiropractic Doctor treats through manipulating and adjusting the spine and joints. Chiropractors use a non-surgical method of treatment most commonly with the goal of re-establishing normal spinal and muscular mobility. A component of chiropractic treatment is commonly the chiropractic "adjustment", where gentle force is applied through a dysfunctional joint. The goal of this treatment is commonly intended to regain the joint’s normal function and restore or improve range of motion. A chiropractor does not prescribe medication. Instead, they use a variety of therapies to improve spinal function. A chiropractor treats low back pain, leg pain, neck pain, repetitive strains headaches and many other forms for physical discomfort.


Chiropractic Consultation

Chiropractic exams are similar to other healthcare exams. The initial Chiropractic Doctor exam will have three parts. The first part is a consultation. A consultation includes a brief history of the patients experience with pain. This includes how frequent or how long the problem has endured, often a description of the pain. The second part is looking at the case history. The chiropractor identifies the nature of the problem. This happens by comparing the complaint to the patient’s history. After that, the patient receives a physical exam. If a diagnosis is severe or requires medical treatment, a chiropractor will refer the patient to another doctor.


Chiropractic Diagnosis

A Chiropractic Doctor will use a scale to determine the length of the pain. Acute means the symptoms have occurred for less than six weeks. Subacute means the symptoms have occurred between six and twelve weeks. Chronic means the symptoms last longer than twelve weeks. Recurrent/flare up means the symptoms return sporadically.


A Chiropractic Doctor then uses a “triage” concept to diagnose. The first category is a potentially serious problem. This includes fractures, neurological problems, or artificial joint problems. The second category includes nerve problems. This happens when the root of the nerve is pinched. The third category includes mechanical back pain. There is no specific cause for this. After diagnoses, the chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan. This determines how long a patient must get chiropractic care. It also determines how many times a week the patient must get care. This varies for each patient.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractors adjust the spine by manipulating the vertebrae. The vertebrae are the bones in the spine. A chiropractor adjusts the spine when there is abnormal movement. They also adjust when the spine and other bones fail to function normally. The objective of a chiropractor is to increase the range of motion.


Adjustments also reduce nerve irritation by relieving or eliminating the source. Adjusting often result in a sense of relaxation. In some cases, minor discomfort is reported during or immediately following a chiropractic adjustment, this is due often to muscles spasm. These can happen when a patient tenses during an adjustment. Because Chiropractic adjustments are a physical process, often performed when a patient is already uncomfortable, some discomfort can persist for a brief period. Once that time has passed, the patient should expect a greater sense of relief and improved range of motion.


Chiropractic Therapy

A Chiropractic Doctor uses natural agents to influence body functions. These agents include cold, heat, massage, and exercise. Chiropractors may alternate between ice and heat therapy, so its important to follow your doctor’s instructions. Switching from cold to heat help blood flow and can help to relieve pain. It also promotes faster healing. Chiropractors may massage the area to improve circulation which also helps reduce swelling and inflammation and encourages quicker healing. It’s also quite common for Chiropractors to promote and strongly recommend an exercise program. This focuses on stretching and strengthening the back.


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