A common misconception seen in our office is patients incorrectly self-diagnosing themselves with carpal tunnel syndrome. A person makes an appointment believing they have carpal tunnel syndrome but then will proceed to only complain of wrist pain. These two conditions are often mistaken for each other. Let's talk about what true carpal tunnel syndrome is, what the causes of wrist pain are, and how a Rochester chiropractor at our office can treat both conditions.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a set of symptoms that are caused by compression of the nerves located in the wrist. Someone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome does not experience wrist pain, but will instead feel numbness and tingling in the outer palm, thumb, and first two fingers. The nerves are being compressed in the carpal tunnel by either abnormalities in the bones and ligaments, or damage to the tunnel causing scar tissue to form.

Pain located at the wrist is most likely damage to the ligaments of the wrist. These ligaments are more prone to injury than others in the body due to how often we are using our hands every day. Most commonly, the damage is done through repetitive motion that puts constant stress on the ligaments. In the athletic world, sports in which you are throwing a lot are the most common causes of wrist pain. Average people can also hurt their wrists through repetitive activities such as hammering, painting, or knitting.

In order to determine where the pain is coming from, specific tests are done to test each muscle, tendon, and ligament in the wrist. Pain on the outside or inside of the wrist is caused by overexerting either the flexor or extensor muscle groups. Jobs like painting or hammering use these muscle groups to keep the wrist stiff and can be overworked if you are not used to the motion. A less common tendon that can cause pain connects from the forearm to the thumb. Activities that require a strong grip for a long period of time, such as skiing, will cause that tendon to inflame.

If you are experiencing wrist pain, schedule an appointment with Rush-Henrietta Family Chiropractic. Your chiropractor in Rochester is trained to diagnose both carpal tunnel syndrome as well as every type of wrist tendinopathy. The office is well equipped to fully treat these types of conditions. Ultrasound or laser can help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and help speed the healing of the damaged tissues in the area. Chiropractic adjustments help restore mobility and prescribed stretches help prevent the injury from returning. Give us a call and schedule an appointment.